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Congratulations to the 8th graders, who will be graduating this week!  Best wishes in high school.  Keep the faith burning strong in your hearts, and pass it on to others continuously in your words, actions, and attitudes.  Always remember that you are a child of God.  May He bless you always.

If any 8th graders are planning to return on Monday, May 23 for the field trip to Saint Mary’s in Terre Haute, please remember to send in permission slips and money.  Reminders…This trip is completely optional for 8th graders, but if they choose to attend, they must turn in a permission slip by this Wednesday, and they must wear their school uniforms.  Also, we will return later than dismissal time – it will be around 4:15.

We only have a couple of class periods left in 8th grade religion.  We will be working on some plans for the graduation Mass, and tying up some loose ends.

I love you all!!!

Mrs. O’Brien