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6th graders will complete their whirlwind journey through the Old Testament over the next several days.  We have just entered the period when the Jewish people were taken into exile in Babylon.  This week and next, we will cover their return from exile (exciting story!!) as well as the Maccabean Revolt (covered in Catholic Bibles, but not in Protestant Bibles), the last historical period before Jesus was born.  During this period, a handful of faithful Jews defended their right to worship only the One True God, against the powerful ancient Greeks who decreed that they must worship the Greek “gods” as well.

Please remember to send in permission slips and money for the field trip to Saint Mary’s in Terre Haute, which will take place next Monday.  Reminders…Students must be in uniform for that field trip, and we will return later than dismissal time – it will be around 4:15.