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We started incubating our chicken eggs on April 12, 2016.  It takes about 21 days for the chicks to hatch.  The children were excited to see 3 “pips” (the 1st hole the chick makes) on Monday morning.

Day 21 Pips


 They were even more excited to see our 1st chick hatch when we were doing a Science lesson on frogs! 🙂 The looks on the Kindergartners’ faces were priceless!  2 more chicks were bound and determined to join the fun…and then there were 3!

1st chick 2016First Three Chicks











To our pleasant surprise, 3 more chicks hatched through the night.  We were greeted by 6 healthy chicks on Tuesday morning!

Chicks 2016 2



Like they say, never count your chickens before they hatch!  We thought we were only going to have 6 chicks and we were greeted by 2 more chicks on Wednesday.   The Kindergarten students came up with a big list of names and then voted for their favorite.  This year’s Kindergarten chicks are:  Shinamadooski, Ticklish, Bouncy, Tortchick, Cutie Patootie, Mr. Peepers, Chicken Little and Fluffy Mrs. Boring (out of the mouths of babe 🙂 ).

8 Chicks 2016



We’ll be sad to see our chicks leave on Friday, but we know they will be well taken care of at their new home THANKS to the Kirkendall and Marten families!

Emerson with chick