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Welcome to May!  The last week of Easter, plus May crowning, field day, the approach of summer vacation…and still lots of learning to pack into these last few weeks of school!

7th graders will finish their  study of the opposition Jesus faced while on earth.

Watch for info this week about one last field trip for the year.  On May 23, all middle school classes will travel by bus to Saint Mary of the Woods in Terre Haute, to visit the shrine of Indiana’s very own saint, Mother Theodora Guerin.

May is traditionally considered Mary’s month.  Have you ever wondered why?  Even before the time of Christ, the Greeks and Romans celebrated the beginning of new life during the month of May.  Even among non-Christians, Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries during the month of May.  In our part of the world, May is a time of new life in nature – tiny green plants sprouting and soon bursting with colorful blossoms.  During May, Catholics celebrate Mary as the mother of Jesus, who brings new life to a world that was dead because of sin.