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*ISTEP starts this week bright and early at 8:00 Monday morning! Please arrive on time as the testing schedule is tight and delays affect everyone in the building. We will be testing for the next 3 weeks. Please limit appointments and keep absences to only those that are necessary.

*Homework will be assigned as it will be difficult to avoid over a 3 week time span, but it will not be a heavy load. Students do need to use their time given in class wisely to avoid having a lot to do at home on days where we do in class activities or assignments.

*VIP day is Friday! Forms need to be in ASAP and if you are leaving with your VIP, let the homeroom teacher or Mrs. Carnes (formerly known as Mrs. Morales) know ahead of time. Students cannot leave with their VIP unless permission is given in writing ahead of time.

*Raffle tickets were sent home last week with youngest and only. Each family is asked to sell these for the St. Rose Dinner Auction.


Here is what is going on in our room this week…

6th Math: We are reviewing what we learned over the last few weeks, as well as a few other odds and ends. On Monday, a review worksheet is coming home. It is due on THURSDAY.

7th Math: We are finishing up scientific notation and prime factorization. We lose out on class a few times this week due to testing. Later this week, we will look at the Triangle Inequality Theorem.

Prealgebra: We are working on adding, subtracting, and multiplying with polynomials.

Algebra: We are finishing up with quadratic equations and will begin looking at exponential functions and will compare those to linear and quadratic functions.

6th science: We are working on current electricity this week. Students will learn about the parts of a circuit and how electrical energy is related to kinetic and potential energy.

7th science: We have been discussion friction and gravity. We will hopefully make it through Newton’s Laws this week. I would like to work on our lab reports this week in class and begin talking about planning for the classroom presentations.

8th Science: We are talking about heat transfer in the atmosphere this week, as well as the water cycle, weather, and wind.