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Hello Parents,

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing spring break!

Kindergarten Bound Preschoolers:

We have 7 weeks left and these next 7 weeks will be used for reviewing, testing and practicing for the Kindergarten Bound Spring/Graduation Program on Friday, May 20 @2:00pm. For those of you who will return next year to Kindergarten Bound, I will be sending home a letter explaining the end of the year and options for your child, since they will not be in the spring/graduation program until next year.

This week, we will explore our Let’s Find Out magazine from Scholastics along with our rotating stations, this week we will rotate through the rhyming station, math station, opposites station, sight word station, reading station and writing station.

Lion Cub Preschoolers:

During these last 7 weeks of school the Lion Cubs will continue with the introduction to the alphabet letters, sign language, Clifford magazine from Scholastics, writing their name and recognizing their name.

The Lion Cubs will not participate in the Spring/Graduation Program until next year. They will continue on a regular schedule until the end of the school year. Next year the pace will pick up and the children will work hard to prepare themselves for Kindergarten.
They need to work on writing their name, cutting skills and recognizing the letters in their name over the summer. This will help them transition into Kindergarten Bound next year.

Have a wonderful week and if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you,
Mrs. Mace