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Welcome back!  I hope your Spring Break was enjoyable.  Buckle up! The next 7 weeks are jam-packed with LOTS of events.  Please also note that ISTEP online testing will begin next week, but we will do some online practice tests this week to prepare.  Thanks for your help in avoiding appointments, tardies, and absences during this time.


4/12 PRIDE Meeting at 6:30; topics include elections and Dinner Auction

4/13 NUT Day for 8th grade trip; “BLACK OUT” (wear black and bring a small donation!)

4/15 Open House during regular school hours.  Know someone who wants to check us out? Invite them in for a tour!

4/15 Spirit Day

4/22 VIP Day   Please let us know if anyone in your family plans to attend.  There is a RSVP sheet to fill out and return.  Check it out on Facebook, St. Rose School blog, or Jupiter email.  Can’t miss it!

5/5 May Crowning Mass-  A special Mass to honor our Blessed Mother Mary

5/14 80’s Prom/ Dinner Auction event of the year!  Reserve your spot today!

5/19  8th Grade Graduation and Mass

*Check the Google Calendar on the front page of our school’s website!



We will read and learn about the Church’s Easter season.


Chapter 13

Multiply Decimal values

*ISTEP Testing begins next week for this subject.

Social Studies– 

Chapter 10: The Constitution

Lesson 3- Three Branches of Gov’t. and skill: Flow Charts

*States/Capitals Week 3–see list and maps!*

Students have a list of all states, along with capitals, locations, and postal abbreviations. We will do five weeks; focusing on a set of 10.  Quizzes on Fridays! Study!

*ISTEP Testing begins next week for this subject.

Reading- Westlandia (fantasy)

Skill: Theme

8 vocabulary words- in journal:  We have defined, labeled part of speech and addressed word origins. Students need to study this for our test on Friday!

Students will be responsible for vocabulary and spelling lists.

Spelling: We are back to a list of 25 words. All students have a list!  Pre-tests are given on Mondays. Final test will be on Friday.

Ask what a spelling card is!

*ISTEP Testing begins next week for this subject.

Science- This week we will begin our study of physical properties.  Matter, mass, volume, weight, density, conduct, and insulate will be our key words.


Save the Date: May 14th Annual Dinner Auction-  check out the information on Facebook! SHARE SHARE SHARE

Have you seen the Sign-Up Genius going around for PRIDE?  They are requesting help with making a Dinner Auction basket.  Check out the blog!

Are you interested in helping make our annual festival a hit?  Let me know if you can volunteer some time. Planning is underway now!

Don’t forget to frequently visit our school’s Facebook page.  It’s a great way to know and share the great things happening at our school.


Monday:  Computer Lab 11:00-11:45; Music 2:00-2:45

Tuesday: PE 1:15-2:00

Wednesday: Library 12:30-1:15

Thursday: Mass 8:30-9:15, Art 11:00-11:45

Friday:  Band 10:15-11, PE 1:15-2:00