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Religion– We are right in the middle of the Easter season. Ask your four if they know when the Season ends. We will talk more about the season and we will dissect the Our Father.


Science– This week we will begin our study of physical properties. Matter, mass, volume, weight, density, conduct, and insulate will be our key words.



 Social Studies– Great Indiana Men and women will be our next subject of study. We will learn about Amelia Earhart, Sarah Parke Morrison, Orville Redenbacher, Virgil Grissom, and Larry Bird to name a few.   Stay tuned for more famous names.


Math 4th math:   Chapter 8 Division with Remainders and Interpreting Remainders


Language arts– In conjunction with Social Studies we will be studying Biographies. Ask your student for specific information, such as the people the lives of the people we are exploring, and the parts of speech we are practicing. We are adding three more parts of speech this week.


Extra Extra

Monday: Art & Library

Tuesday: P.E & ISTEP part 2 practice in the morning. Please make sure everyone is on time so we can get started right away. We have to share the computer lab so our time is not flexible.

Wednesday: Music & N.U.T. day to support the 8th grade trip.

Thursday: P.E. & Mass…This is our Mass.


Friday: Spirit day remember to wear your Saint Rose finest & the memorials and recognition acknowledgements for our Mother’s Day fundraiser are due

Down the Road

Mother’s Day Fundraiser orders due April 15…Your youngest or only has the details or you can find them on the school blog, Weekly Roar, or Facebook.   Still not sure call me 787-0371

Dinner Auction May 14th

Open House April 15