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Here is what we are looking at this week…

6th Math: We are using coordinate graphing with area and perimeter, the sum of the angles of triangles and quadrilaterals, and the surface area of rectangular prisms.

7th Math: We are reviewing unit rate in the coordinate plane and scale factor in terms of similar figures. We will also look at prime factorization and scientific notation.

Prealgebra: This week, we will begin a unit on polynomials. We will look at naming them by number of terms and degree and identify components such as leading coefficients, the degree of the polynomial, etc. In this unit, students will add, subtract, and multiply with polynomials. They will also learn the basics of factoring.

Alegebra: We are looking at story problems and applications of quadratic equations such as area problems and vertical model problems.

6th Science: We will continue to look at different forms of energy this week. We will briefly discuss nuclear energy, chemical energy (we talked a lot about chemical reactions earlier this year), and spend a few days on electrical energy.

7th Science: I am still waiting to receive data from a few 7th graders. Experiments were to be finished by the Wednesday before break. We will begin to work on the lab report in class, but students may be asked to do portions outside class. We will continue to discuss forces in motion as we begin talking about friction and gravity this week, as well as falling objects.

8th Science: This week, we will talk about characteristics of the layers of the atmosphere. We will then move on to methods of heat transfer in the atmosphere.