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It is a short week, but there is a lot going on:

6th Math: We are reviewing absolute value and focusing on coordinate graphing this week. Students should be able to identify the four quadrants, the x and y axis, and the origin, as well as graph ordered pairs and identify ordered pairs of graphed points.

7th Math: Quiz on Wednesday! We had a study guide last week. I spent a class period going over the study guide and will spend Tuesday reviewing.

Prealgebra: Review sheets were assigned last week and will be passed back on Tuesday. Students need to take a second look at those and do corrections. If needed, they need to see me with questions. We will review independent and depended probability this week.

Algebra: Test on Wednesday! We will wait until after break to start new material.

6th Science: We will be focusing on kinetic and potential energy this week and how energy is converted from one form to another.

7th Science: We are studying forces this week and reviewing speed, velocity, and acceleration. Students need to understand how balanced and unbalanced forces factor in. Data tables for experiments are due Wednesday! After break, we will begin to work on lab reports.

8th Science: We will discuss the layers of the atmosphere and characteristics of each layer.


Tuesday: NUT day for donations. 7th grade donation is for toothpaste or toothbrush, size 2 diapers, or 4/5 pull ups

Wednesday: Spring pictures-Students can be out of uniform ONLY if parents are purchasing pictures

Thursday: Beach Day-Students may be out of uniform but must be dressed appropriately.