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Week of March 23, 2016 through April 1, 2016


Religion– Lent is over! Let the Easter Season celebration begin. We will study all that goes with the season


Science– Reviewing for test we will take Thursday. All students have notes for review.


Social Studies– The war is over and we will test how much we remember on Thursday. All students have notes for review.


Math- Reviewing for Math test



 Language arts– Vocabulary, mechanics, grammar, and non-fictions works are our focus until spring break. Ask your student for specific information, such as the title of our non-fiction work, and the parts of speech we are practicing.

Extra Extra

Monday: No School

Tuesday: P.E

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Mass Everyone needs to be in Mass uniform

Tests in each of the following subjects and there are review sheets and study guides for each.

Math- review sets page 191

Science- notes they have had for two weeks and pages 59 through 62 from Reading in Science resources.

Social Studies-Students should study highlighted areas from weeks 10 and 11.   it will also be helpful to study vocabulary and both crossword puzzles.




Down the Road

Mother’s Day Fundraiser orders due April 15…Your youngest or only has the details or you can find them on the school blog, Weekly Roar, or Facebook.   Still mot sure call me 787-0371

Dinner Auction May 14th

Open House April 15

Spring pictures- Tomorrow…see Weekly Roar for details