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6th Graders will be planning a prayer service for Thursday (Father Steve is out of town this week, so there will be no school Mass).

6th Graders will also continue studying the period of Judges this week.  This is the time (as described in the book of the Bible by the same name) when the Israelites had become established in the Promised Land.  They were protected and guided by a series of regional “Judges” during this time, before they demanded a king to rule over all of them as the surrounding nations had.  Students will become familiar with the “sin cycle” that repeats itself seven times in the book of Judges: The people of Israel would turn away from God through idolatry, their enemies  would attack and oppress them, they would turn back to God and cry out to Him for help, and God in His mercy would send a deliverer (one of the Judges).  Then the cycle would begin again.