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Hello Parents!

** Announcements:

  • Student Council Penny Wars ENDS this Friday, 3/25.
  • Donations are needed for the Seder Meal. We appreciate any items or help that you can provide. Here is the Sign-Up Genius link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c094ca8ad2aa4ff2-7thannual
  • NUT Day opportunity for next Tuesday, 3/29. Holy Family Shelter donations for each grade are: 6th grade – women’s socks (size 6-11), 7th grade – toothbrushes/toothpastes, 8th grade – toddler socks (size 12-24 mo). Wild Card Items: size 2 diapers, or size 4/5 pull-ups (can be substituted for any grade). 


Homework this week: Reading logs due THURSDAY this week. No vocabulary homework or tests this week due to Good Friday schedule & early dismissal.


6th: Post-reading activities for, Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry.

Skills for the week: theme and expository writing.

LA – There/their/they’re & to/too/two

Vocab lists this week: None! 🙂



 LA – poetry elements identification & analysis

Blue Rdg Grp – Poetry unit. “Life”, “The Courage That My Mother Had”, and “Loo-Wit” poems. Skills for the week: metaphors, appositives & appositive phrases.

Vocab lists this week: None! 🙂



LA – poetry elements analysis & identification

Yellow Rdg Grp – Poetry unit. “Concrete Mixers”, “The City is so Big”, and “Harlem Night Song” poems. Skills for the week: suffixes -ment, direct/indirect objects

White Rdg Grp – Poetry unit. “Ode to Enchanted Light”, “Little Exercise”, “The Sky is Low, The Clouds are Mean” poems. Skills for the week: figurative language identification, direct/indirect objects.

Vocab lists this week: None! 🙂