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6th Math: This week, we are finishing up our percent unit and beginning a very brief look at integers. Students can expect a quiz over percents next week. We will look at representing integers, opposites, absolute value, and comparing and ordering.

7th Math: We are focusing on types of slope (ask about Slope Dude) and finding slope using tables and graphs. Students should be able to also compare and contrast linear graphs. Students will be quizzing soon over similar figures, scale factor, and slope soon.

Prealgebra: We are working on our transformation projects in class this week.

Algebra: We are solving quadratic equations by parabolas and the quadratic equations this week. Students are also using enrichment time to review for the algebra placement exam.


6th Science: We are finishing up our planet trading cards this week. We will then be moving into our unit on types of energy.

7th Science: We will be talking about motion this week and will be discussing speed, velocity, and acceleration. Experiments must be finished by March 30. I will need to see completed data tables on this day. Several students are expecting to use students at school, but have not gone about setting up times with teachers. They need to do so ASAP.

8th Science: We are finishing up our genetics unit by completing an in-class project.