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Here is our peek at the week…

We are ISTEP testing off and on for the next two weeks. Please get lots of rest and have a good breakfast. The majority of work we do will be in class and any work that comes home should be brief and leftover from the in-class work.

6th Math: We are looking at representing percents this week on a 100 grid as well as representing them as fractions and decimals.

7th Math: We are wrapping up scale and scale factor this week. Students should be able to find lengths using scale involving scale drawings and models.

Prealgebra: We are rotating figures in the coordinate this week, as well as dilating them. We may even do multi-step transformations. We will then move into a project that will be unique to each student.

Algebra: We will begin quadratic equations this week. First, we will look at how factoring can help us solve them and then move into graphing them (parabolas).


6th Science: We are doing a brief planet study as students do research to create planet trading cards.

7th Science: We are doing some science inquiry project work this week. Experiments must be done by March 30. To prove this, I must see your data. We are creating our data tables in class. I still have a few who do not have the green light to do the experiment due to missing work on the previous project parts. I would like to wrap up our Restless Earth unit with an essay as well. We will work on that in class by breaking down the writing prompt and doing some pre-writing.

8th Science: We are currently still working in our genetics unit. Due to ISTEP, we won’t get a lot of science time, but we are about to begin Punnett squares.


Spirit Day is on Friday, so wear your blue and gold!

Keep an eye out for info on how we did at Quest for Excellence last weekend at Roncalli!