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Week of February 29, 2016 through March 4, 2016


ISTEP            …please make sure everyone has a good breakfast and snacks are welcome and certainly encouraged.


Religion– All things Catholic. We will continue our study of Lent and the Sacraments. We will have a quiz on Wednesday and all students should be studying nightly.


Science-We are going indepth with vertebrates and Invertebrates


Social Studies– We will begin the study of our French heritage and war in Indiana


Math- 4th math Chapter 6:   Multiply Two-Digits Numbers by One-digit numbers and estimating skills




Language arts– We have several different irons in the fire with this being ISTEP week. Ask the precious ones what they have been working on. Yes, we are still using electronic devices. If you have one you can send it would be FANTASTIC!



Extra Extra

Monday: Art & Library

Tuesday: P.E ISTEP

Wednesday: Music ISTEP

Thursday: Mass Everyone needs to be in Mass uniform. ISTEP


Friday: library Out of uniform for Spirit Day