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Congratulations to our Math Counts team on a great competition and a great year! Good luck to our Quest for Excellence Team this Saturday at Roncalli!

Here is the week…

6th Math: Test on equations and inequalities this Wednesday! Students will receive a study guide packet on Monday. Most will consist of graded papers, but there will be one paper for homework. We will now be moving into fraction, decimal, and percent conversions.

7th Math: We are working on similar figures and scale factor. Students will be using scale factor and the properties of similar figures to find the unknown side lengths of figures, as well as prove if figures are similar or not.

Prealgebra: We will be looking at similar and congruent figures through transformations in the coordinate plane this week. We will translate, reflect, rotate, and dilate figures.

Algebra: We will test over polynomials and factoring on FRIDAY! Study guides will be assigned on Monday. We will work on them on Tuesday as well since some students will be out and will go over them on Wednesday.


6th Science: We will briefly look at seasons before doing a mini planet study over the next few weeks.

7th Science: This week, we will discuss the basic of volcanoes and earthquakes. I will return the project items that were turned in last Friday early in the week and then by the end of the week, they will have a due date/ending date for the experiment.

8th Science: We will continue to discuss the basic ideas of genetics. I would like to begin working with Punnett Squares by the end of the week.