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Hello Parents,

Kindergarten Bound and Lion Cubs:

Remember, we are going outside for recess if the wind chill is above 24 degrees. Please make sure your child has a coat for recess and is dressed appropriately.

Kindergarten Bound:

The children are on the letter “Ww” this week and will need to find an item that starts with the letter “Ww” for show-n-tell this Friday. We are still having the same children not bringing show-n-tell. Please make sure your child has show-n-tell; it is an important part of their academics. It helps them with their confidence talking in front of a group, being able to communicate to the group facts about their show-n-tell and it helps build their vocabulary.

The children are working on their sight words and they are coloring their first sight words book. When they get done, they will bring it home and hopefully, be able to read the book to their family! If they can’t read it, don’t panic, I am only introducing some of the academics they will be learning in Kindergarten. Our new sight words this week; you and a along with I, see, go, the, to, and.

Lion Cubs:

The children are going to learn the letters “Jj” and “Kk” this week. We will also learn how to make the “Jj” and “Kk” in sign language. They are doing really well on learning how to make the signs for each letter and signing different words and actions. This week, they will learn to sign jump for the letter “Jj” along with kid, kiss and kitchen for the letter “Kk.”

The children are doing a great job with their learning and social skills during their first year of school! I am so proud of them and next year when they come to Kindergarten Bound Preschool, they will start preparing themselves to enter Kindergarten.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Mace