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Parents currently as it stands we only have enough players registered to support 1 Spring 456 soccer team. This team will consist of both boys and girls in 4th, 5th and 6th grade that have registered to play.

We are not going to have a Spring 56 or Cadet Girls Kickball team because there wasn’t enough interest in this sport. If your child wants to play for another CYO school please email Shannon Hicks.

We would like to be able to register a Spring 34 Kickball team and a Spring Cadet Soccer Team. Currently we need at least 4 more for Spring 34 girls kickball and at least 4 more for 78 Coed Cadet Soccer in order to register a team.

These seasons happen at the same time. If your child is registered to play both it will be unlikely that they can do this because of game and practice times. Please enter into the CYO website today and remove them from one of the sports.

If your child was registered for a sport that we aren’t having and they would like to participate in either Spring 34 Kickball or Spring Cadet Soccer please register them by end of day today on CYO website.

If your child is interested in playing and you didn’t get registered in time, its your lucky day, we are opening up registration TODAY ONLY for you to register them for one of the three sports available.

AND Finally if you are a parent with a child who has registered to play 34 Kickball or Cadet Soccer please reach out to your fellow parents and ask them if their child would like to play so we can have these 2 teams.

If we don’t have the new registrations TODAY we won’t be able to have the teams for the leagues discussed.

If you have questions please email [email protected]

Thank you