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Hello parents!!

Very busy week for all of the middle school, and on only 3 days of class.¬†Thursday, 6th through 8th grade will be enjoying their time at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, viewing the Sacred Journeys exhibit.

6th Grade is moving rapidly through the history of the United States. They are very briefly touching on the major themes throughout US history, like Revolution, Manifest Destiny, Industrial Revolution, and Civil War. By Friday students will be begin a mini unit on the Civil War.

The ¬†7th Grade is still focused on China and it’s history. Specifically, they have been learning about how the Silk Road was influential in the development of China’s connection to outside cultures. Students will be writing an essay this week where they are comparing and contrasting modern US trade with China to China’s trade with the Roman Empire on the Silk Road.

Finally, 8th Grade is finishing their exploration of the early development of the United States and its government. As part of this process, the class is welcoming Judge Andrew Roesener to class. They will engage in a question and answer class and learn more about how the Bill of Rights relates to them. At the end of the week they will complete the current unit and start preparing for their exam that will cover how the early government formed and important documents like the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.