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6th Math: Multi-step story problems with equations and inequalities; We will test over equations and inequalities next WEDNESDAY of next week.

7th Math: We start working on similar figures and proportions this weeks. Students got to see their tests today, but I collected them so that we can work on looking at our mistakes. Please check Jupiter for their scores or email me.

Prealgebra: We will review similar figures and congruent figures this week. This will lead us into our unit over transformations. Tests were handed back today.

Algebra: We are finishing up our unit on polynomials as we factor with grouping and solve quadratic equations by factoring. We are also reviewing Pythagorean Theorem. They will test over polynomials and factoring next week.

6th Science: Study guides over the moon came home today and are due tomorrow. Test on Friday!

7th Science: We are applying plate tectonics to geological formations around the world as we research and put together presentations to share with the class. We will also quiz on Friday over flash cards on boundaries, types of stress, types of faults, and what is produced from each. Please refer to email for inquiry items that are due on Friday.

8th Science: Due to events of this week, we will not have class very often, but when we do, we are focusing on how to tell when dominant and recessive traits appear. Our CYO Science Fair presenters will present their projects to us on Friday.