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Hello Parents,

Kindergarten Bound and Lion Cubs:

When the weather is clear and above 25 degrees, the children will go outside for recess. We usually have recess either on the blacktop out front in the parking lot or on the blacktop by the basketball goals.

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriate to go outside for recess. Make sure you have your child’s name in their coats. We are loosing some coats due to no names in the coats.

Kindergarten Bound:

The children are on the letter Vv this week and need to bring one item that starts with the letter Vv for show-n-tell this Friday.

We are introducing sight words; our sight word added this week is “see” along with; and, the, I, to, go and see. When reading to your child, have them pick out these sight words in the book.

Lion Cubs:

The children will be introduced to the letters Hh and Ii this week. We are still practicing writing our name and it would be helpful for the children to practice at home too!

The children are also learning sign language when introduced to a new letter. Ask them to show you how to sign the letters A-H along with signing “house” and “horse.” Thursday we will learn to sign the letter I along with “ice cream.”

Let’s pray for this warm weather they are saying we should be getting by the end to the week and it stays!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Mace