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6th Math: We will work on solving one step equations and inequalities and work on integrating those into writing equations and inequalities for multi-step problems.

7th Math: This week, we are preparing for our test on Friday. Students have had their study guides since last Friday. After this week, we are beginning to look at scale factor and similar figures.

Prealgebra: This week, we are working on line of best fit, as well as preparing for a test on Friday.

Algebra: We are working on factoring trinomials this week, as well as simplifying fractions using factoring. Enrichment time will be used to review the Pythagorean Theorem.


6th Science: This week, we learn more about the moon. Students should be studying their moon phase cards and will need to be able to match phase with the name and put them in order. We will discuss tides later this week. We will finish up with the moon early next week and should be ready to have a quiz next week.

7th Science: Students have a vocabulary quiz on Wednesday. The words can be found on their returned crossword puzzles or vocabulary match ups. We are still focusing on the relationships between plate boundaries and the stress caused, faults, and formations. We will quiz on this early  next week. *Science Inquiry items due Feb. 19

8th Science: We are beginning our genetics unit this week. We will look at the basics this week and discuss what Mendel studied while he was growing all of those pea plants.


Math Counts: competition on Feb. 20. Schedule to come.

CYO Science Fair: March 5. Schedule to come. Classroom presentations will be Feb. 19.