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The 6th Grade is continuing to study about early American settlersĀ and other major events that were part of America’s infancy. Following the Westward Expansion we will touch on topics on like the Indian Removal and the Southern Succession and the Civil War. Students were also given the results of their recent test, with the class average being 83%! In addition to learning more about early American History, the class will be practicing writing and how to address writing prompts.

The 7th Grade is continuing their study of SE Asia. Specifically, for this current unit they will be exploring the aspects of China, Japan, North and South Korea. Also, 7th Grade will be practicing how to identify and write responses to essay prompts.

8th Grade finished learning today about the Bill of Rights. In the last two weeks the students covered the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights in detail. Moving on from here, students will learn how early American framers helped transition the country out of the American Revolution into a young thriving country. Topics that are forthcoming will detailed exploration of Manifest Destiny followed by the Industrial Revolution.