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Hello Parents,

Kindergarten Bound and Lion Cubs:

Please mark your calendars for the following events:

· Wednesday, February 10…Kindergarten Bound and the full day Lion Cub preschoolers will attend Mass for Ash Wednesday. Mass starts at 8:30am

· Monday, February 15…NO SCHOOL PRESIDENT’S DAY


Please have your child sign their valentines, but don’t put the classmates names on the cards. It takes so long passing out valentines.


The weatherman is predicting bad weather for tomorrow (Tuesday) and for Wednesday. Please know, if you don’t feel comfortable getting out on the icy roads, please side on the side of caution and stay home. I don’t want anyone trying to bring my little Love Bugs to school and get in an accident.

Hopefully, this will be our last time for bad weather and spring will come very soon! Fingers crossed!!!


This Friday, February 12 the Kindergarten Bound preschoolers will celebrate Valentines Day. We will have a normal day, with a Valentines Day theme.

This week the children are on the letter “Uu” they will need to bring one item from home for show-n-tell on Friday. Show-n-tell is apart of the children’s academics and very important for the children to bring their show-n-tell to practice their communication skills.

We are adding to our sight words this week. We added go today along with and, the, to, I. We are only introducing sight words; they will work to master these sight words in Kindergarten.

We started learning what opposites mean and played a game with puzzle pieces today. We are also learning what rhyming words mean too and we are playing a game with puzzle pieces to learn these new skills.

Lion Cubs:

This Thursday, February 11 the Lion Cub preschoolers will celebrate Valentines Day. We will have a normal day, with a Valentines Day theme.

The children are learning the letters Gg and Hh this week along with writing their name. Please practice at home with your child to help them recognize and print their name.

We are also exploring our Clifford Magazine. This month’s theme is “What is Wind”.

If you have any question or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Mace