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Week of February 8, 2016 through February 12, 2016


Religion– All things Catholic.   Lent begins Wednesday with the celebration of Ash Wednesday. We will start the day with Mass and the materials we will study are all about Lent.

Science-We will have our test of Friday instead of Brain Games. All students have the materials needed for the test. They should be studying nightly so they don’t have to cram all in one night.

Social Studies– Time to wrap up the study of European Explorers. Our test will be Thursday and I gave them a note today with all materials they will be responsible for.

Math- 4th math:   Function Tables and Explain your Solution.

A chapter 5 test is on the horizon!

Language arts– This week is still non fiction work, we call it informational text This week we will wrap up our study of Dandruff, begin the study of Vomit.   For grammar we are working on parts of speech and friendly letters.


Extra Extra

Monday: Art & Library

Tuesday: P.E. Twin day…ask you student for details or see The Roar

Wednesday: Music Ash Wednesday Mass Everyone needs to be in Mass uniform

Thursday: Mass Everyone needs to be in Mass uniform

Friday: library Valentines Day celebration…everyone is invited to bring cards and candy treats of you would like. We will set it up just as we did at Christmas. We will play games as a whole group and share a snack of popcorn and a drink. If you would like to donate drinks the popcorn is covered.