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Here is a glance at the week…

*Because of Catholic Schools Week activities, there are several classes (mostly 6th and 8th science) that I will not see this week. Homework will still be assigned to prevent us from forgetting content.

I will be entering grades over the next few days, so keep checking. I will also be emailing parents if students have a lot of missing work or poor grades since we are around mid-term.



6th Math: We are finishing up with writing equations and beginning writing inequalities. Students should reference the “Words into Math” handout they have glued in their notebooks from last fall. We will begin solving equations and inequalities soon.

7th Math: We are beginning percent of change problems this week. We are thisclose to a quiz. I will give students a study guide this week so that they will know what to study. This is a required study guide. Our quiz will not be this week, but next week.

Prealgebra: This week, we are working on line of best fit with scatterplots, which means working with slope and y-intercept. We may also move into other real-life applications of slope and y-intercepts. We will be wrapping up our graphing unit over the next week or so and should test very soon. Students who feel they are not ready need to make arrangements with me to have a study session.

Algebra: We begin factoring polynomials this week by pulling out GCF and factoring trinomials.


6th Science: I may switch a math class this week in order to have science. Students will bring home their moon phase flash cards this week and should practice until they are able to match the name of the phase with the picture. This week if we meet, we will discuss basic moon facts. Next week, we will discuss what causes the phases and will then work on order of phases. Our next quiz will focus on moon facts, phases (names, pics, and order), and tides.

7th Science: We will continue to discuss the relationship between the layers of Earth, tectonic plates, boundaries of plates, and geological formations. We will begin to discuss types of stress due to plate movement. We will have a vocabulary quiz soon. Students should use their crossword puzzles to help study. We will have another short quiz in a week or so over boundaries, types of stress, and results of those.

8th Science: No class this week due to activities, PNR practice, and field trip, but instead of math on Thursday morning, students will take a test over evolution and natural selection on Thursday. They have had their study guides since last week.


Math Counts: School competition on Monday during practice. ALL 9 students will compete (4 as a team during the team portion and 5 as individuals) in the competition on Feb. 20. ALL have the opportunity to advance to the state competition this year, not just the team of 4.