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Dates to know: No Extended Care on Friday, Feb 5 due to Punk N Rock set up; Math Counts competition-Feb. 20 (all students will compete);  CYO Science Fair- March 5

Homework Reminder: Your student should be coming home with a math assignment almost every night. This is necessary for the subject. If they come home with more than one, it is often because they have have either been given the opportunity to correct a poor assignment or have a late assignment that needs taken care of. Every once in a while, I will assign an assignment on Monday that will be due on Friday. This is in addition to their daily homework.  Science homework will be assigned a few times a week and sometimes will be given a few days to complete, depending on length of assignment and how much time we spent in class working on it. If you are not seeing homework come home and are concerned that there are missing assignments, please check Jupiter or with me.

Here is the week at a glance:

6th Science- Quiz on Wednesday! The students have had their study guides since last week, although some have yet to complete. Please ask your son/daughter if they have. We will begin talking about the moon and moon phases. Students will have to identify the phases and place them in order. We will make flash cards. If you don’t see those cards come home next week, ask for them to bring them home.

7th Science- We are talking about continental drift and plate tectonics this week. Part 2 of our scientific inquiry project has been assigned. This is the research portion of our project and is due Feb. 19. Students must have this part completed to move on to the experiment portion. They can finish early and turn it in for approval. The directions for this portion are on Google Classroom, so if you want to check it out, just ask them to pull it up for you. All typed portions must be turned in to Classroom.

8th Science-This week, we are focusing on natural selection. I hope to finish this unit this week and test next week.


6th Math-We are working on equations and inequalities this week. Students will check solutions and will write using real life situations.

7th Math- We will work with mark up, interest, and tip this week.

Prealgebra-We will finish up with systems of equations this week. Students will be continuing to fine tune graphing skills on an as needed basis. We will also begin scatterplots this week. Students are correcting an assignment that is due on Friday.

Algebra- We will work on multiplying and dividing polynomials this week.