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Here is the week at a glance…

6th Math: Our area quiz is on Friday. I sent an email out on Monday, but to review,  students need to be able to find the area of parallelograms, triangles, and trapezoids, as well as the area of irregular figures. Formulas will be provided, just as they are on ISTEP. It will be a basic quiz, but last week we were focusing on more multi-step tasks and will continue to do so. We have started to discuss equations and inequalities this week. This has also started us discussing negative numbers and their placement on the number line. As we are now looking at colder temps outside, ask your student about negative numbers. For example, which is colder -3 or -4 degrees F.

7th Math: We are still working on sales tax and discount. Vocabulary is proving to be difficult (i.e. the difference between tax, discount, sales price, total price, etc.). You can be helpful by discussing these terms when you are out and about shopping. Please also discuss interest and tip, which we need to also be moving on to. The kids really want to take a quiz on proportions (including material before break), but we need to master the skills first.

Prealgebra: We are working on systems of equations this week. Having Monday off and the delay has slowed us down, but systems and the review sheet Tuesday are giving us a chance to fine tune our graphing and slope intercept skills. Attention to detail is very important. We will look at real life application soon, as well as scatter plots.

Algebra: We are now in our polynomial unit. This week is a lot of vocabulary and basics. We will soon be adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. I attended a math meeting at Roncalli last week and received information about placement for our students for next year. These kids will still take Algebra 1 again next year, but their placement into either College Prep Algebra or Honors Algebra will depend on placement test scores, ISTEP from last year, teacher recommendation, and possibly the Roncalli algebra exam. If you have any questions, please let me know.

6th Science: Students will have a science quiz NEXT Wednesday. Study guides go home this Wednesday. We will discuss eclipses this week and review material that we have been discussing. In order to prepare for next week’s quiz, students should focus on the study guide.

7th Science: We are discussing the layers of the Earth this week. And not just the 3 basic layers of Earth, but how those layers are broken into even more layers. We will discuss the properties of those layers and begin discussing how scientists believe that the lithosphere is broken into plates. Science tests were passed back on Tuesday. Please see Jupiter for comments.

8th Science: We are working on an activity this week that allows us to apply adaptations, the theory of evolution, and speciation.