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Hello Parents,



First snow, first 2-hour delay. Just a reminder, if Franklin Community Schools are on a 2-hour delay or they close for weather, we also will be on a 2-hour delay or close. We follow Franklin Community School. You will not see St. Rose on the TV, but you will see Franklin Community School. You can also find out about our delays and closing through Facebook, Jupiter email, schools website or call the school office a message should be on the voicemail.

Preschool will start with the whole school at 10:00am and continue with our schedule as normal. If your child is picked up at 11:00am you do have the option not to send them for an hour, which will be up to you on what you would like to do and what would be more convenient for your schedule.

Make sure you have your child’s name in their coats, we can’t remember what everyone’s coat looks like therefore, please make sure the name is in the coat or it could be sent to Lost and Found and from there it goes to Goodyear at the end of each month.

The Preschoolers Christmas Carols is scheduled for Tuesday, January 19 @2:00pm in the PLC. Everyone is welcome to come and watch the children perform. The children should be dressed up. This is a normal day, classes will continue and the children will perform for the whole school, their parents, friends and family at 2:00. You will be able to take your child after the program.

Kindergarten Bound:

The children are on the letter Qq this week. We will also work on our listening skills and work together as a class on our numbers worksheet. We are still working everyday on our penmanship when writing our letters, numbers and name. The children will also work this week on tracing and making shapes they are learning in class.

**If I wrote on your child’s midterm paper about wanting to talk to you regarding your child for next year, please send me an email to set up an appointment.


Lion Cubs:

The children will explore the letter Bb this week and also work on recognizing our shapes. We will also work on writing our name and holding our pencils correctly. I will work with each child one on one with writing their name and holding their pencil correctly. Remember, show-n-tell for the Lion Cubs is every Thursday.

If you have any questions and concerns, please let me know. Stay warm and safe!

Mrs. Mace