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Here is a glance at our week…

6th Math: We will finish up area of irregular/combined figures this week. I would like to have a short quiz over area early next week and move into equations and inequalities.

7th Math: This week, we are working on percents and proportions. Math standards wants us to learn how to calculate discount and sales tax using proportions. This is not how I learned how to calculate them and probably not how you learned how to calculate them. I will show them a few methods, but too many might be confusing, so please encourage your student to bring home their notes so that you can help them if needed.

Prealgebra: This week, we are focusing on slope intercept form. We will graph using it, convert standard form to it, and move into writing from real life situations and graph interpretations. Some students are still confusing what goes in the numerator and denominator, as well as what should be positive and negative. They should ask themselves, “What would Slope Dude say?”

Algebra: We are finishing up with writing equations from real life situations this week. They will test on Friday

6th Science: This week, we will work on our Space Intro unit. This will focus on scientists and theories (hmmm… possible short answer questions for test perhaps?), revolving versus rotating (time and what results), small objects in space, and a few other topics.

7th Science: We are finishing up Monday by going over the study guide (those several who were not finished on Friday), sharing our geologic time presentations, and looking at fossils. Tuesday, we will briefly discuss the purpose of our Scientific Inquiry Project. Students will have to turn in their 3 ideas by Friday. These ideas will need to be in the form of a scientific question. SCIENCE TEST OVER FOSSILS AND GEOLOGIC TIME ON WEDNESDAY!

8th Science: We are going to spend this week discussing types of adaptations and how Darwin formed his theory of evolution.

7th Grade News:

  • 7th Report cards are due back signed by Wednesday!
  • The 7th graders will start having social/leadership sessions with our school counselor. This is similar to what a lot of middle schools do during homeroom or advisory periods. This will help prepare them to be leaders of our school next year. We will also attend our yearly leadership retreat later this semester. More details on our field trip soon!