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Hello Parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break with family and friends!

We are trying to get back in our routine of being back at school. We had tired kids yesterday and I am sure for the rest of the week. Even the teachers are trying to readjust to being back.

We have rescheduled our Christmas Carols with the Preschoolers.
Our new date and time:
Date: Tuesday, January 19
Time: 2:00pm
Place: PLC

The children will finally be able to show off their singing and have their moment in the spotlight. Everyone is welcome to join us and the children can wear the Christmas Best! This will be a regular school day. If you have any questions, please let me know.


The children are on the letter Pp this week. Please help them look for one item that starts with the letter Pp for show-n-tell this Friday.

We are working on recognizing numbers and continuing with recognizing our letters, writing our letters, rote counting, listening skills among many more things to do to prepare for Kindergarten next year.


The children are working on writing their name, along with recognizing and drawing their shapes, learning and tracing the alphabet along with holding a pencil correctly.

I am introducing some of the academics for next years Kindergarten Bound Preschool class to the children to get them familiar with what they need to work on next year to prepare for Kindergarten the following year.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Mace