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Here is what is going on the first week back…

*I will be out Wednesday and Thursday due to my son having surgery. Any homework coming home those days is a result of work not being completed in class. All math is review work (whether it be this year or last) and notes should be consulted. 6th graders should use calculators for area work. 7th should use it for proportions and fraction/decimal conversions, although they should still know how to divide with decimals.

No Math Counts, but don’t forget to have those problems done next week!

6th Math: This week, we learn how to find the area of trapezoids and review area of parallelograms and triangles. We will also learn how to find the area of figures composed of quadrilaterals and triangles.

7th Math: This week, students will review how to solve proportions and the conversion of fractions, decimals, and percents.

Prealgebra: We will review how to find slope from two points (from before break) and work on finding slope from a graph. Students will work on graphing lines that have a given slope, as well as graphing lines through a given point and slope. This will lead us to slope intercept form.

Algebra: Students will write linear inequalities from graphs, as well as review the material from this unit. We will apply the material to real life situations. I hope to test over this unit next week.

6th Science: On Tuesday, students who are car riders will bring home their biome/ecosystem projects (not the food chain/web posters yet). Bus riders must make arrangements by Friday for their boxes (if they have one) to be picked up. Any projects left on Friday will be thrown away. This week, we will begin our space unit.

7th Science: We are finishing up our fossil and geologic time unit. Students will work on their study guides on Thursday and those will be due on Friday. We will test next week.

8th Science: Due to the way the week works, we will have class very few times. We will begin our evolution and natural selection unit this week as we discuss the theories of Darwin and adaptations.


**Report cards go home Friday and 7th graders need to have their card signed and returned by the following Wednesday.

**Friday is Honors Day and Spirit Day. Check The Roar for times.

**I need all missing work or homework from the Thursday before break (yes, it was still homework) on Tuesday the 5th or it will be counted as a zero. Hall passes can still be turned in for credit on this day.