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This week-

6th math: We will briefly look at the area of parallelograms and triangles this week. We will learn about percents and integers after break, as well as equations and inequalities.

7th math: This week, we will review identifying proportional relationships. We will write equations for proportional relationships using the constant of proportionality for a graph and a table. *All students will be bringing home a ws to correct Monday evening. After break, we will need to cover percents, similar figures, and review area of irregular figures.

Prealgebra: We will review graphing with intercepts. We will also review the types of slope, as well as how to find it from a graph. We will learn this week how to calculate it using the slope formula.

Algebra: We will work with point-slope formula this week. Students will write equations in this form and convert it to standard form and slope-intercept form. We will also work with parallel and perpendicular lines. After break, we will have to finish up with real-life application and writing inequalities from graphs.


6th Science: Students are presenting their biome and ecosystem projects this week.

7th Science: We are working in class this week on a geologic time scale project.

8th Science: Students are learning about endothermic and exothermic reactions this week.


*I am currently working on grading the 6th grade science projects, as well as the rest of the assignments from last week. All grades will be updated over break. All students who are missing work will be notified early this week and must have work turned in by Friday or each assignment will receive a zero.