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I heard the children did a WONDERFUL  job at the Christmas program last night! I hope you enjoyed it as much as they did!  I even got to see some wonderful pictures and video.  I’m sorry I missed it, but my “sinuses” had other plans for me.  🙁 Thanks to ALL OF YOU for coming to see the show! We’d especially like to THANK Mrs. Langferman!   She worked very hard with all of the children to put on such a SPECIAL program. We are so BLESSED here at St. Rose to be able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas together and the children definitely remind us of the true spirit of Christmas.

Russ and the Firehouse

This week we read another story that was an informational text. The children are getting really good at identifying when our stories are made up and when they are filled with facts about real people and places. This week’s story was about a young boy who got to “work” at the firehouse in his community for the day. Since the pictures in informational texts are photographs instead of illustrations, the children are able to make some
”real life connections” when we are reading these stories together. This week we worked on identifying the main idea and details in the story. We created a chart to help us organize the details in the story so that we could figure out the main idea of our story. We will continue working on this throughout the year, but the children did a really good job identifying the main idea of this story. We worked on the sound for “H” this week and we learned the popcorn word “are” (You will find this word on the new popcorn word list that will come home after Christmas break.   We are further ahead this year than I had originally planned 🙂 .). I’m pleased with how well the children are reading their popcorn words. Most of them seem very excited to be getting more words in January and I have a feeling I’ll need to send even more words home for some before the end of the school year! WOW!



Lillian, AKA Lilli Mae, was our STAR student this week!  She was born in London, Kentucky on June 22, 2010.  Lilli was very excited to tell us all about her star door, especially since we had to push her date back from when we had originally planned.  Lilli LOVES her family very much and is anxiously awaiting the birth of her baby brother.  She showed us an ultrasound picture of him and we could even see his precious, little face.  Lilli Mae drew her own version of an ultrasound too! 🙂  We know she is going to be a WONDERFUL big sister when the special day arrives!  Lilli said she enjoys going to the park with her mommy and she also likes to help her mommy fix dinner.  Lilli likes getting dressed up and going to the Daddy/Daughter dance with her daddy.  She loves playing with her cousins, going camping, going to the beach and going boating with her family.  She enjoys going tubing and told us that her daddy used to go on the tube with her, but she said “she doesn’t need him to anymore.”  She sure is brave!  We could see this in many of her pictures, especially since she has climbed tall trees, gone rock climbing, skiing and even jumped on the trampoline with a broken arm.  If you’ve ever seen Lilli on the monkey bars, you know she has no fear!  Lilli takes ballet and tap.  Her favorite toys are her baby dolls and her favorite book is Snuggle Puppy.  Lilli’s favorite food is spaghetti and she can even manage to eat it in a white sweatshirt without getting spaghetti all over it.  Now her face, well that was a different story! 🙂  Lilli has 2 dogs, Jake (big) and Harry (little).  She also has 3 cats, Fuzzy Wuzzy (but you can call him Fuzzy 🙂 ), Cutie Pie and Tiger.  Lilli’s favorite color is pink.  Thanks for sharing, Lilli!


Every class has signed up for a designated time to go shopping at the Santa Shop sponsored by PRIDE. The Kindergarten class will be doing their shopping on Tuesday, December 15.   You will find information in your child’s Friday folder today.  Please be sure to send this form and their money in an envelope next Thursday IF you would like for your child to shop.  Thanks so much!       


*12/12  Saturday evening mass at 4:30 p.m.

*12/13  Sunday mass at 7:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.  (Liturgy of the Word for children is offered at the 11:30 mass.)

*12/14   Jillian’s 1/2 birthday snack.  We will be making our “Happy Birthday, Jesus” candles with our 8th grade buddies.  I’m hoping to send them home on Thursday after Fr. Steve blesses them for us so the children will have them for Christmas day.  Look for them to come home in “bubble wrap” (small glass jars) by next Thursday.

*12/15  Kindergarten will be shopping on Tuesday at PRIDE’s Santa Shop.

*12/16  I will NOT be at school on Wednesday.  Mrs. Salazar will be subbing.  Please remind your child to be on their BEST behavior for her.  If you need to reach her during the day regarding a change in  your child’s after school plans, please call the school office so Mrs. Morales can get a message to her.  


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*12/17   Staff Christmas Luncheon from 11:00-1:00. There will be a parent volunteer covering my classroom when the children return from recess & lunch at 11:30 so the staff can enjoy this meal together. If you are available to help, please contact the school office.

*12/18 End of the 2nd quarter; where is this school year going? Our Christmas party will be from 1:30-2:30. ALL ARE WELCOME! This will be an OUT OF UNIFORM day. The children can wear jeans and a Christmas shirt (or a red/green shirt).  Here are the parents I have signed up to help:  Craft/Mrs. Larmour; Game/Mrs. Engle; Snack/Ms. Edwards; Drink Pouches/Mrs. Baker; Napkins/Mrs. Petro.  There will be NO EXTENDED CARE NEXT FRIDAY.  If your child attends Extended Care, please be sure to make arrangements for them to be picked up at dismissal.

*12/19-1/4 Christmas Break; school resumes Tuesday, 1/5.   I am excited to announce that the Kindergarten room will be getting NEW CARPET over break! 🙂  Thanks to all who have made this possible!

*NEXT week will be the LAST week for Show & Tell. We will be starting our “surprise bucket” when we return from Christmas break. This will take the place of Show & Tell. The children are excited about it! We’ll give you the details when we return.

*Once again, due to your generosity, we will NOT need a January snack calendar.

*DRESS CODE REMINDERS:  Students are NOT allowed to wear SNOW BOOTS at school.   IF for some reason they need to have them on when they leave the house in the morning, please be sure they have a pair of shoes in their backpack to change into once they arrive to school.   CARGO pants are NOT part of the school uniform. Only St. Rose logo wear sweatshirts can be worn during the school day (or a plain white/navy sweater). Please be sure to refer to the Student Handbook (can be found on the St. Rose Website under the “About the Lions” tab & then hit “Quick Links” to find the Handbook) if you have any questions regarding our dress code. Thanks for your support!

*The children will NOT be bringing home library books until after Christmas break.

*As winter approaches, there is always a possibility of school closings or delays.  Please note that St. Rose follows Franklin Community School for cancellations and delays. When delays or cancellations occur, they will be announced on local stations (CBS, ABC and NBC) under ‘Franklin Community Schools’. St. Rose will, also, send out an email through Jupiter. On the morning of, you may call the school office at 738-3451 to verify any delays or cancellations.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks for supporting the 4th grade trip to Camp Tecumseh by sending in donations for “Coloring for Camp.”  The 4th grade class raised over $1,000 to pay for their trip!  WOW!  Drum roll please…Mrs. Tieken will soon have beautiful teal hair! 🙂

*Thanks for supporting Student Council’s “Favorite Christmas Character” NUT day to raise money for the Rippy family!  The students collected over $200!  A special THANK YOU from Mr. Boring and the Wayne Township Fire Department for your generous support for one of their EMT’s and his family!  They are a family just like we are here at St. Rose and they truly appreciate your kindness!

*Thanks for all of your help at home with your child’s monthly goals!  Your help and support truly makes a difference!  “I can, you can, we can!”

*Thanks to all who helped with the book fair this week!

*Thanks for the donations that have been sent in for Santa’s Secret Shop!

*Thanks in advance for all who will be helping at Santa’s Secret Shop and in any way for the staff luncheon next week!  We couldn’t do it without our volunteers!




…the sound for the letter “H” and some words that begin with this sound. See if I can “sound spell” h-a-t (hat) & h-o-t (hot). This group is eager to go! 🙂

…what color candle we lit on our Advent wreath this week.

…our reading story this week Russ and the Firehouse (ask about details & the main idea).

…what we use a key for on a map.

…ask me how many bundles of straws (8) we have to represent how many days we have been in Kindergarten and what each bundle stands for (10).