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6th Math: Finish up unit rates and correct proportion assignment from last week. Quiz on Friday over ratios, writing and solving proportions, and unit rates.

7th Math: Finish up with checking proportionality with tables and graphs and will introduce the constant of proportionality. We will introduce solving proportions (more of a review) and tie it to tables. We are on the verge of making all of the right connections between ratios, unit rates, tables, proportions, and graphs. They  just need to reach out and grab it!

Prealgebra: This week, we are working with standard form as we solve for x and y intercepts and graph using those intercepts. We will also test on Friday over relations, functions, Pythagorean Theorem, and simplifying radicals. Stapled to the study guide is the Pythagorean Theorem worksheet from a few weeks ago. Part of the study guide is correcting the worksheet. (They can also receive partial credit back for right answers.)

Algebra: We are writing equations in slope intercept form from graphs (using slope and y-intercept) and also from two points. We are also converting those equations into standard form. If time permits, we will write equations for parallel and perpendicular lines in slope intercept form.


6th Science: This week, we are reviewing and taking our unit test. After testing on Wednesday, we will begin to present our biome projects. Students received their study guides last week and by Friday, they had all of the information they needed to begin studying for the test.

7th Grade: Despite several interruptions to class this week, we are learning about the law of superposition and index fossils. Students are using relative dating to put rock layers in order. It does not look like we will finish our unit before Christmas.

8th Grade: We are finishing up our study guides this week and will test on Thursday. We will then discuss endothermic and exothermic reactions.


There are a lot of events going on this week! Please see the email I sent and the weekly email from Mrs. Morales for more information.