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Hello Parents!

** Announcements:

  • NUT Day on Wed., 12/9 (see Student Council flyer in Weekly Roar). Money goes to help the Rippy family with medical expenses. For $1 or more, students can dress like their favorite Christmas movie character. 
  • Book Fair this week. Students in 6th grade buying books will need to bring their money this Thursday.
  • Mass days this Tues. & Thurs. (holy day of obligation & regular mass day).
  • Spirit day Friday! 
  • 6th grade Santa Shop time will be next Tuesday. Students will need to bring money that day. 

Homework this week: Reading log due Fri. There will occasionally be reading homework from our novels, based on what we get done in class. There will be no vocab lists or hw this week, unlike originally planned, due to copier being repaired. The next vocab lists will be AFTER Christmas break! Yay! 


6th: Continue reading, Touching Spirit Bear, by, Ben Mikaelsen. Skills for the week: figurative language story activity

LA – character analysis, identifying types of figurative language in context

Vocab list – NONE! 🙂


 LA – Scope magazine activities & irony practice

Blue Rdg Grp – Continue reading, The Girl Who Owned a City, by, O.T. Nelson. Quiz over Ch. 3-4, chapter notes can be reviewed. Skills for the week: types of irony

Vocab List – NONE! 🙂


LA – Their/There/They’re review

Yellow Rdg Grp – Continue reading, Code Orange, by, Caroline B. Cooney. Skills for the week: more practice w/ types of irony

White Rdg Grp – Continue reading, Code Orange, by, Caroline B. Cooney. Skills for the week: mood & tone identification, interpreting characterization, types of irony review

Vocab List: NONE! 🙂