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6th Math: This week, we are focusing on writing proportions from word problems, reviewing how to solve using cross products, and how to write unit rates.  I hope to have a quiz next week.

7th Math: We are still working on unit rates for the first few days this week. Our goal over the next few weeks is to connect ratios and unit rates to proportions and then connect those to percents and scale factor.

Prealgebra: We are continuing to work on relations and functions. We will evaluate functions and graphs this week, as well as start moving into slope and intercepts. Some of the material we learn will be review, but most will be new. Look for a quiz soon. This quiz will include Pythagorean Theorem and simplifying radicals as well as relations and functions.

Algebra: This week, we are learning how to graph absolute value functions, as well as finishing up our graphing unit. Study guides are due Wednesday and we test on Friday. We will start new material on Wednesday, but the majority of it will be covered in the last two weeks before break. We will quiz again before break.

6th Science: We are reaching near the end of our unit, which has taken the majority of the quarter (other than the time spent on the scientific method). I hope to have study guides ready on Wednesday and a test date set by Friday. Biome/ecosystems projects are due on Friday. 3 items are due: part 1 (choice item), the summary sheet, and part 2 (food web and food chain poster). The kids have the directions sheet with specific information required and what to include on the part 2 poster. This week we will talk about limiting factors and carrying capacity and what happens when there is an imbalance in the ecosystem.

7th Grade Science: We are talking about fossils, the law of superposition, and how rock layers are disturbed this week. We will also discuss intrusion, extrusions, and index fossils. This unit should wrap up by break, depending on the various activities that my prevent us from having class 🙂

8th Grade Science: We are putting the law of conservation of mass to use this week as we learn how to balance chemical equations. If all goes well, we will discuss endothermic and exothermic reactions. Look for this unit to wrap up soon and a test to happen late next week.


For the 8th graders who chose to participate in Science Fair, the due dates are below. They are subject to change if needed.

  • Nov. 30-Part 2 due (research, materials, and procedure attachments)
  • Jan. 15- experiment should be finished and rough draft lab report
  • Jan. 22- final draft lab report
  • Feb. 5- Presentation board
  • Early Feb.- Presentation for class to help prepare for Fair