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This weekend marked the first weekend of Advent and the beginning of a new liturgical year, so all of the middle school religion classes will discuss the liturgical calendar this week.  I always stress the importance of remembering that Advent is a separate season from the Christmas season, and that Christmas doesn’t begin until Christmas Day (or the night before, after the Christmas Vigil Mass on Christmas Eve).  Advent is a time to wait and to prepare for Christmas, not only by shopping and decorating but also by prayer and soul-searching.  Students will be reminded that the idea is to reach Christmas Day ready to celebrate, not tired of Christmas before it begins!

In addition:

8th Grade is finishing up their study of the Four Marks of the Church, with units on “The Church is Catholic” and “The Church is Apostolic.”

7th Grade will review the concepts they have learned so far about Jesus and His teachings, before beginning a study of Jesus’ parables.

6th Graders will continue the Exodus story.  In the last unit, students learned about the 10 plagues, the Jewish Passover, and the crossing of the Red Sea.  This week they will travel with the Israelites into the desert and learn how God was constantly faithful to His people, providing water and miraculous food in the form of manna, even when the people doubted God and complained against Him.