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RELIGION    We will be starting Chapter 7 this week. We will be talking about how Jesus teaches us how to love.  We will read about St. Louise de Marillac and how we can show love to our neighbor.

**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on mass days!  This is blue pants and white shirts for the boys.  Plaid skirt or jumper with a white shirt for the girls!G Now that we are in the “winter” months, the girls may wear blue pants and white shirt.  This will be in effect until March.

 SPELLING There will be NO SPELLING for these two days! 🙂  

READING – We will be reading some Thanksgiving books for these few days.  

GRAMMAR – We will work on some Grammar and Vocab. review!  We will be writing a Thanksgiving story as if we were the turkey at Thanksgiving!

MATH We will review multiplication today (Monday) and we will test on Tuesday.  See today’s email for test hints!

Even though we are technically finishing up multiplication, but we are still working on earning parts for the Multiplication Sundaes!   We will have our real sundae party on Thursday, Dec. 17!  We watching for information about the party to come home after Thanksgiving Break!

SCIENCE – We will focus on Social Studies over the next few weeks!

SOCIAL STUDIES We will be working on Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 over the next few weeks. We will be combining these two chapters.  We will be looking at People and Their Local Government as well as Our Nation’s Government. 


**Thanks to everyone who donated items to the Blessing Basket!  We had quite a collection of food, household needs, and some goodies for the kids and family!   I am sure it will be greatly appreciated!

** School Cancellations and Delays – St. Rose follows Franklin Community School for cancellations and delays. When delays or cancellations occur, they will be announced on local stations (CBS, ABC and NBC) under ‘Franklin Community Schools’. St. Rose will, also, send out an email through Jupiter. On the morning of, you may call the school office at 738-3451 to verify any delays or cancellations.

**Be sure to check the website for the most up to date news at St. Rose!

Monday  – PE

Tuesday  – Thanksgiving Feast for lunch and Music 

Wednesday  – SLEEP IN DAY!! 🙂

Thursday  – TURKEY DAY!! 🙂 

Friday – SHOPPING DAY!! 🙂