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It is a short week, but here we go…


Math Counts has been cancelled. We will go over the Workout problems assigned when we resume after Thanksgiving break.


6th Math: Checking and solving proportions

7th Math: Ratios and unit rates

Prealgebra: Relations and Functions: When is a relation a function?

Algebra: Graphing linear inequalities and systems of inequalities; next week, graphing absolute value equations and a graphing test before starting our writing equations unit

6th Science: Projects due December 4th! This week, symbiotic relationships and tying up our unit so far. Not a lot left to go after this week before we test.

7th Science: Uniformitarianism versus Catastrophism; Fossils and geologic time

8th Science: We will be creating lab reports for our law of conservation of mass lab from Friday. Science Fair part 2 items due when we come back from Thankgiving break, not Nov 27 as previously stated.


*There are only a few short weeks when we return, so we need to make them good ones! Please check for missing work and make sure you are giving your best effort.

Have a great break!