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Here is a look at the week for Math and Science in the Middle School:

6th math: We are finishing up with fractions this week. Study guides go home tomorrow and are due on Wednesday. We will test on Friday.

7th Math: We are continuing to work with equations and inequalities this week as we add in the distributive property and like terms. We will quiz this week on Friday.

Prealgebra: This week, we will be introduced to the Pythagorean Theorem as we continue with our Equations in Geometry unit. After learning how to use it, we will look at some applications.

Algebra: This week, we will look at graphing linear functions and slope. Students will also review how to write equations in function form and graph a line using slope.


6th Science: We will finish up with the six kingdoms and begin talking about how energy is passed from one organism to another. As I mentioned last week, a project is coming up and I am hoping to hand out information about that later this week.

7th Science: We are finishing up our rocks unit this week. A study guide will go out early this week and will be due on Thursday. We will quiz next Wednesday.

8th Science: We will finish up with ionic and covalent bonds this week and will write chemical equations using what we have learned. This will lead us to types of chemical equations and how to balance chemical equations, as well as why we balance them.

For the 8th graders who chose to participate in Science Fair, the due dates are below. They are subject to change if needed.

  • Nov. 27-Part 2 due (research, materials, and procedure attachments)
  • Jan. 15- experiment should be finished and rough draft lab report
  • Jan. 22- final draft lab report
  • Feb. 5- Presentation board
  • Early Feb.- Presentation for class to help prepare for Fair


Teacher Notes

*If you haven’t signed up for a Blessing Basket item, please do so soon!

*Veteran’s Day Mass on Wednesday! Students may dress in red, white, and blue for donation. See Roar for more details.

*Lions’ Den students NUT day for $1 on Friday the 13th if they wear their house color.

*Math Counts every Monday until 4:00 pm.