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We’re so glad we were able to reschedule our field trip to Apple Works after the heavy rain on Tuesday kept us from going!  We should all sleep well tonight after our field trip and our Halloween party today, but we had a great day!  The children received a lot of compliments for their wonderful behavior and for how well they were able to answer the questions that were asked of them today.  It was evident they were listening during our Apple Unit last week since they were able to answer so many questions!  We enjoyed a wagon ride, a tasty snack, a tour of the freezer area and the kitchen area (this area smelled so good).   We also got to feed the animals, pick an apple, bring home a pumpkin and play on the playground after hearing all about apples, the apple trees and the important job the bees have at Apple Works.   Thanks to all who went with us today!

Apple Works 2015 Apple Works 2015 9


Apple Works 2015 8   Apple Works 2015 4


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Apple Works 2015 2