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I can hardly believe Sunday is November 1st!   I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but there are Christmas decorations going up in stores already.   I realize Christmas isn’t too far away, however, another important holiday is quickly approaching. More and more it seems like Thanksgiving is overlooked or hurried because of the rush to get ready for Christmas & holiday shopping. November is a special time of year because it gives us the opportunity to look around us and see the many BLESSINGS God has given us. Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to spend time with our families and friends. It’s a time to give THANKS to God and others. It’s also a time to give to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, whether it is through our prayers, gifts we may give, or time and talent we share with those in need. We are getting ready to prepare our ANNUAL Thanksgiving Blessing Baskets to help families in need from our community.  A letter will come home on Monday via e-mail explaining our Blessing basket. Once you have a chance to read over it, please let me know if you have any questions.  I will also be sending a link for a Sign-Up Genius so you can sign up if you are able to contribute in any way. Thanks in advance for your help!

**Don’t forget to set your clocks BACK one hour before going to bed this Saturday night!**


The theme for Unit 3 in our reading series has been about transportation and this week we read a non-fiction story titled On the Go. This story gave us a chance to see the many different ways people travel from place to place. We talked about different ways people can travel by land, air and water. The photographs in this story gave us a chance to see how people travel in many different countries.   Although the children really enjoy reading fiction books, they are being introduced to a variety of topics and vocabulary through the non-fiction stories we’ve been reading. The children are making real life connections to the topics we are reading about and are able to have great discussions with the prior knowledge they bring to school with them. I must say that my FAVORITE part of the day with my class again this year is when we read, whether it be fiction or non-fiction, the children LOVE listening to books! I LOVE IT! They listen their BEST when I’m reading a book to them and they truly get engaged in the story! (We’re still working on active listening during other parts of our day, but when I’m reading they are listening well!) This week we were introduced to our 2nd vowel, the letter “I.” Although our main focus right now is on short vowel sounds, the children are doing a good job identifying both short and long vowel sounds. They came up with a GREAT list of “I” words for our predictable chart (“I is for…”); hopefully they have already shared some of these words with you. We will complete our Unit 3 workbooks today.   Please take some time to have your child show you what they’ve been learning as you review their workbook with them. Hopefully they can read some of the sentences to you. Please be sure when they bring home the “mini sight word readers,” they are reading them to you. They should have brought home “We Can Go!” this week. I have encouraged the children to keep these books and to practice reading them throughout the year. From what I hear, that’s what they’ve been doing. 🙂 Keep up the good work!


*11/1  All Saints Day

*11/3  PRIDE meeting at 6:30 p.m.  I will NOT be at school on Tuesday.  I will be in Plainfield for some Professional Development.  Mrs. Salazar will be subbing for me.  I will not have computer access so please let the office know if there is a change in your child’s after school plans.  Please be sure to remind your favorite Kindergarten student that they are to be on their BEST behavior for Mrs. Salazar.  Thanks for your help!

*11/4  All School Mass (Mass will be on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week due to Fr. Steve’s schedule.)

*11/6 Spirit Day

*November snack calendars are in today’s Friday folder.

*Library books are due every Wednesday.  Please be sure your child returns his/her library book each week.

*November/December goals will be in NEXT week’s newsletter, please be sure to make note of them (the next two months are VERY BUSY as we prepare for the holidays so the November/December goals are combined and not assessed UNTIL December). Please be sure you are working on any goals that your child has not yet completed.  We have had 9 students complete their October goals and a few more with just one or two goals to complete for this month.


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*The mornings have been pretty cool lately, especially when we go outside for recess at 10:30.  Please be sure your child wears a jacket or a sweatshirt to school now that fall has arrived.  Many of the children were complaining of being cold again this week during recess.  It’s also a good idea to keep a St. Rose uniform sweatshirt or navy/white sweater in your child’s backpack in case they get cold throughout the day.  Be sure to write your child’s name on the inside tag.  Our lost and found has been growing so this helps us to locate the owner.  We will be going outside all winter long as long as the temperature does not fall below 25 degrees so it’s a good idea that the students are prepared for colder temperatures (coats, hats, gloves) as we move into the colder months.

*Upcoming STARS:   11/2-11/6  Anthony; 11/9-11/13  William; 11/16-11/20  Madalynn; 11/30-12/4 Evey.

*Please be sure to go over the papers that come in your child’s Friday folder each week with them so they can see what they are doing well and so they can learn from their mistakes.  Please be sure to practice handwriting at home if need be.  There are some students that could benefit from extra practice at home with letter and number writing.  A few students still need to practice writing their names.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.  You will find November’s lunch menu on our website next week.  This is located under the “Student Life” tab and then click on “Lion Cafeteria” and there will be a “monthly menu” document located over to the left.


*A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Jillian’s grandma for the hand-painted pumpkins she made me, Mrs. Salazar and all of the children in Kindergarten!  We LOVE them!

*A SPECIAL THANKS to Mrs. Patterson, one of our dedicated parishioners/volunteers, for making yummy brownies for the staff and students this week for lunch!  We are so BLESSED to have Mrs. Patterson’s help here at St. Rose!

*Thanks to all of our lunchroom volunteers!  We truly appreciate YOU!

*Thanks to Deputy Baird (s) and Benny for visiting our classroom this week to teach us about personal safety.

*Thanks to Ms. Hammond for setting up Deputy Baird’s visit to St. Rose School to talk to grades K-5 on important topics.

*Thanks for your help with “Tom the Turkey.”  The ones we have so far are GREAT!  (Be sure to stop by and check them out on our bulletin board some time next week!)

*Thanks for all of your patience and support when our field trip was postponed!

*Thanks to all of our chaperones for attending our Apple Works field trip! We are so glad you were able to join us!

*Thanks to Ms. Edwards and Mrs. Larmour for making reminder calls for our Halloween party! Thanks to all who helped out with our party in ANY way! I’m sure we will have a GREAT time this afternoon!

*Thanks to all who bought BOO GRAMS to help support the 8th grade end of the year field trip!  I know our 8th grade buddies appreciate your support!

*Thanks for continuing to help with our daily snack!




…the 2nd vowel we learned this week. What sound does “short I” make? What sound does “long I” make”

…different ways to travel by air, land and water.

…Deputy Baird’s visit (personal space, strangers, 9-1-1) & his dog Benny.

…what we learned about bats and birds.

…our field trip to Apple Works.

…our Halloween Party.


Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Enjoy ‘Trick or Treating!’ 🙂