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*Please check Jupiter for students who are missing assignments or are supposed to be redoing assignments.

6th Math: This week, we will add and subtract fractions! Occasionally, we will review some of the skills from the last few weeks. Next week, we will move into multiplying and dividing fractions. This will lead us to our next test.

7th Math: We are moving on to solving one step equations and inequalities with multiplication and division. By the end of the week, I want them to be solving “two-steppers.”

Prealgebra: Quiz on Friday over equations and inequalities, including word problems and algebraic proportions. Study guides go home today and are due on Wednesday. I have thrown in some algebra material because I feel that this group can rise to the challenge. We are fine tuning some skills this week and then moving on to using equations in geometry. Nothing (except for finishing up proportions on Monday) from this week will be on Friday’s quiz.

Algebra: We will finish up systems of equations on Monday. Students will complete the study guide and go over it on Tuesday. Quiz on Wednesday! We will then move on to our graphing unit. The beginning of that unit will be review, but we will then introduce the algebra components.

6th Science: We will begin our classification unit this week. We are not finished with our science inquiry unit, but will step away for a bit, as students need to continue to work on variables and hypothesis, as well as making tables and inferences.

7th Science: This week, we will begin to talk about types and characteristics of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. None of the 7th graders signed up for CYO science fair, so all students will begin their inquiry projects after Christmas break.

8th Science. This week, we will begin discussing how ionic bonds are formed, as well as writing ionic compound formulas and names. Students who signed up for CYO science fair must have their ideas in by Tuesday via Google Classroom.