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“Holiday Homework”

I can’t believe it will be November next Sunday!  It’s time for some FUN Holiday Homework!  Your child is bringing home a brown construction paper turkey today in their Friday folder.  Please have YOUR CHILD CUT out the turkey shape and help your child DISGUISE Tom Turkey as a different animal or character  in hopes of avoiding being caught for Thanksgiving Day dinner!  Please use any items you find in your home to create your turkey’s disguise.  Some suggestions (ones we’ve seen before) for disguising the turkey may be:  a sheep, a cat, Superman, a princess, a pirate, a bowling pin, a football player, Santa, a shark, a mermaid, a pilgrim or an Indian, etc., etc.  Please return these turkeys by Friday, October 30th so we can display them for the month of November.  Good Luck and enjoy working on this project with your child.  Be CREATIVE and HAVE FUN!! We will display these outside of our classroom so be sure to stop by and see them over the next couple of weeks. We can’t wait to see “your” creativity! 🙂   Mrs. Mace & Mrs. Sutton LOVE this project so much that for the 8th year in a row they have requested a copy of Tom Turkey so they can disguise him too!   Every year we have several people look forward to this “assignment!” The whole school enjoys the different disguises of Tom Turkey! 🙂

Apple Works Information:

Thanks to all of the chaperones that have signed up to go on our upcoming field trip to Apple Works on Tuesday, October 27th.   Thanks for completing your Safe & Sacred Training and getting current background checks on file.  I have the following parents attending:  Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Baker, Ms. Edwards, Mrs. Engle, Mrs. Larmour, Mrs. Miller, Ms. Willis, Mrs. Petro, Mrs. Sayler & Mrs. Staehler.  If there have been any changes or you see an error, please let me know ASAP.  Please remember we do not allow siblings to attend the Kindergarten field trips.  We need all of your attention on “our” little ones.  Thanks for your understanding!   I will need the chaperones to be in the atrium no later than 8:15 (children need to be in the room by 8:00 as usual).   Once we take care of our morning procedures, we will join you in the atrium.  Hopefully the bus will be here to pick us up no later than 8:30.  We will return to school between 11-11:30 (the children will eat lunch at school, it just might be a little later than usual).  Please have the children wear their apple shirts that are coming home today.  They can wear jeans or pants with their shirts (comfy shoes for walking).  It’s a good idea to send a jacket  or sweatshirt with them as well just in case it’s a cold morning.  Please keep an eye on the weather and temperature.  There was one year that we needed to wear our winter coats (hats & gloves) due to early cold temperatures.  We cannot make a rain date so please pray for good weather!  If time allows, the children will be able to visit the small petting zoo before we leave.  The children can bring 2-3 quarters (not mandatory; no more than 3 please) if they would like to buy food out of the machines to feed the animals.


This week’s story, The Bus for Us, was a fiction story about different modes of transportation. As I mentioned recently, the children are really doing well identifying the difference between a fiction and non-fiction story. The children did a great job identifying different types of transportation. We also read about different signs and symbols we see throughout the community in our Big Book of Explorations.  This week we focused on the letter “T” and learned the popcorn word “see.”  I’m hoping they came home and read their mini reader (with high-frequency words) “I see Sam” to you.   The children are doing a TERRIFIC job reading these books with each unit. I’m very pleased with their progress. Please be sure to reinforce the letter sounds and popcorn words that we are learning here at school. The more practice they get, the more fluent and confident they will become as beginning readers. They are THRILLED when they realize they are beginning to blend sounds, read words and sentences.   Hopefully you are seeing this at home as well!

 Vision Screening Results:

Unless you were notified otherwise during conferences,”your” child passed his/her vision screening on October 7.


We will have our Halloween party on Friday, October 30th  at 1:30.  The students may come out of uniform next Friday if they are wearing a Halloween shirt or black and/or orange.  The children are allowed to bring costumes to change into for the party (optional, not mandatory) Friday afternoon.  We will allow them time to change shortly before the party begins.   Please be sure your child brings his/her costume in a bag and that you put their name on it in case we have any duplicate costumes.  We realize that some of the children may be wearing “make up” with their costumes on Halloween night, but due to the short amount of time we have for our party, the children will NOT be allowed to put on make up for our classroom party.  Time does not allow for us to apply make up.  The party will be from 1:30-2:30. If you are helping with the party OR would like to come and join us, you may arrive at 1:15.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  This will allow time for “setting up” and for helping get 16 kindergarten students into their costumes! 🙂 As you can imagine, we may need a little help getting the children ready for the party.   The following parents have signed up to help with our Halloween party:  Craft/Mrs. Kirkendall; Game/Mrs. Arnold; Snack/Mrs. Yingling; Drink Pouches/Mrs. Baker and Napkins/Mrs. Petro.  If for some reason you are no longer able to help or send in items, please let me know ASAP.  You do not have to be able to attend the party to be able to help.  Thanks in advance! 🙂 


*10/24  PRIDE Family Fun Night/Bonfire immediately following 4:30 mass until 8:30 p.m.  PRIDE will provide hot dogs and s’mores.  Don’t forget to bring chairs and drinks for your family.


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*10/27  Apple Works field trip.

*10/28  Deputy Baird will be at St. Rose talking to grades K-5 on different topics.  The Kindergarten presentation is on personal safety.

*10/30  Black/Orange or Halloween shirt NUT day; Halloween party at 1:30.

*This was a very busy week, however, I did get a chance to begin assessing October goals.  If I didn’t get a chance to assess your child this week, I will do it next week.  If your child does not complete all of their goals during their assessment, I will send a “goal sheet update” form home to inform you of the goals they need to continue to work on. 5 students have already completed their October goals and several other students are just one goal away (see if your child can remember the trick for identifying their left hand).  Keep up the good work!  Next week, I will also reassess any student that has not yet completed their September goals.  We had a couple more students finish their September goals this week!  I can tell some students practiced over fall break! 🙂

Students are no longer allowed to wear shorts until after Spring break.

*The mornings have been pretty cool lately, especially when we go outside for recess at 10:30.  Please be sure your child wears a jacket or a sweatshirt to school now that fall has arrived.  Many of the children were complaining of being cold this week during recess.  It’s also a good idea to keep a St. Rose uniform sweatshirt or navy/white sweater in your child’s backpack in case they get cold throughout the day.  Be sure to write your child’s name on the inside tag.  Our lost and found has been growing so this helps us to locate the owner.

*Upcoming STARS:   11/2-11/6  Anthony; 11/9-11/13  William; 11/16-11/20  Madalynn; 11/30-12/4 Evey.

*Please be sure to go over the papers that come in your child’s Friday folder each week with them so they can see what they are doing well and so they can learn from their mistakes.  Please be sure to practice handwriting at home if need be.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks to all of our volunteers who came in to help us make our apple shirts this week!  We truly appreciate your help!

*Thanks for all of the donations for PINK day!  I’m sure we all know someone who has been affected by cancer.

*Thanks to all who have signed up to attend our upcoming field trip on Tuesday!

*Thanks to all who have signed up to help with our upcoming Halloween party!

*Thanks again to PRIDE and anyone that helped with the snacks, food and decorations for our teachers during parent/teacher conferences!  You sure know how to SPOIL us!  We appreciate your love and support!

*Thanks for continuing to help with our daily snack!




…the sound for “t” and some words that begin with the “t” sound.

…some different modes of transportation.

…some of the signs and symbols we see in our community.

…the fable we read, “The Turtle and the Rabbit.”

…how we can sort apples.

…the different parts of an apple.

…tasting apples and graphing our results (see if “I” can explain my graph to you); which kind of apple our class liked the best.

…how apple trees change in every season.

…the important job bees have to help apple trees grow.

…the story of the “little red house with no windows, no doors and a star inside” (cut an apple horizontally to see the star).

…the different safety drills all of us practiced at school this week for “safety week” (fire drill, tornado drill, code Red and yes, an earthquake drill :)).  The children did a GREAT job!  I’m very PROUD of them!

…how many bundles of straws we now have to show how many days we’ve been in Kindergarten.

…how many quarters we now have on our calendar to show how many days we’ve been in Kindergarten.

Have a wonderful weekend!