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In July of 2015 Morgan County was devastated by heavy rainfall that left cars underwater and some homes filled with water. Homes in 29 Counties across Indiana were affected and families displaced. Catholic Charities Disaster Response has been helping these communities since this time. Father Steve in partnership with Catholic Charities asked for St. Rose parishioners to volunteer to help rebuild these homes that were hit by flooding.

This seems like a huge task for children but many came together to make a huge impact. On October 14th they traded in the iPad’s, XBox’s and phones for paint brushes, rollers, and cleaning supplies. In a matter of 7 hours they had helped to repaint an entire home while enjoying a picnic under the tree with Father Steve. Their laughter and jokes helped to keep the day entertaining.

Thank you to all 20 St Rose parishioners who worked on the two houses in Mooresville. Wallboard was hung, sidewalk poured, cabinets installed and lots of painting done. God bless them for their service to others.

If you are interested in getting involved and helping our neighbors join us for the Rake and Run on November 14th. All Children and Parents are welcome. We need lots of “Hands on Rakes.” Contact Yo at 317-736-6754 to sign up or get more information.