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Hello Parents!

*** Students can wear pink or purple if they bring $1 or more for a NUT day this Wednesday, Oct. 21. All donations will go to the American Cancer Society.

Homework this week: Vocabulary worksheet due Tuesday. Vocabulary quiz & reading log due Friday. All grades have now registered on Quizlet.com, using their St. Rose email addresses, and are now able to enter their vocab lists and definitions each week to study with flashcards, practice quizes, & word/definition matching games. These can also be used to help students study for tests in other subjects. There is also a FREE downloadable app on most devices for Quizlet. This is a great app for studying – easy to use & more fun than looking at a word list! All grades can then use this app/website all year long for any subject.


6th: Rdg- Read, “Zlateh the Goat” in Literature book, pg. 204. Skills for the week: making inferences, conflict.

LA – root word -spec-, principal parts of verbs, understanding informational text.

Vocab list – List #7 Homographs


 LA – parts of an informative article, writing an informative article

Blue Rdg Grp – Read story, “Rikki Tikki Tavi” p. 199. Skills for the week: making predictions & showing evidence for those predictions, plot analysis.

Vocab List – “The Big & Small of it All”


LA – Parts of a short story, write a short story w/ a realistic conflict.

Yellow Rdg Grp – Read, “Who Can Replace a Man?” p. 222. Skills for the week: descriptive writing, setting/mood.

White Rdg Grp – Read, “The Finish of Patsy Barnes” & “Drummer Boy of Shiloh” p. 280. Skills for the week: compare/contrast characters from different time periods w/ similar themes, characterization analysis.

Vocab List: “A Bit Different”