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RELIGION  We will start on Chapter 5 this week!  We will be talking about  healing and forgiveness. We will talk about how we can forgive others just as Jesus forgives us. 
**Don’t forget students should wear Mass Uniform on Thursdays!

 SPELLING Our words this week have “wr, kn, and gn” sounds.  We will have our spelling tests on WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY this week.

Please click the link below for the new list of spelling words.

Week 10-12

READING We will be reading “Author: A True Story”.  We will look at vocab. and comprehension, author’s purpose, repetition and alliteration, and context clues.  

GRAMMAR – In Grammar we will work on combining subjects and predicates.  We will also look at how to write book titles.  In our Vocabulary books, we will work on Lesson 4 which talks about words that have a “degree of difference.” 

MATH We will start on Chapter 5 this week with subtraction.  We will look at relating subtraction to addition, estimating differences, and regrouping tens and hundreds. 

SCIENCE – We will focus on Social Studies over the next few weeks.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We will be starting our next chapter this week. We will be looking at how Communities are Places.  We will look at where our community is located compared to places on the Earth. We will look at some different Map activities to give us an idea of where places are located on Earth.  


**  I hope everyone had a relaxing Fall Break!  Now it is time to gear up for all the Holiday fun!  Our Halloween Party will be on Friday, Oct. 30.  I have Mrs. Adams down for Snacks and Mrs.  Kirkendall for drinks. Mrs. Hancock is doing a few crafts!  Thank you ladies!  🙂 

**If you have not signed and returned your child’s report card/STEEP Scores, please do so ASAP.  There is a place on the back of the “Work Habits” page for you to sign and write any comments.  There is also a place on the Report Card page to sign. And finally, there is a line for you to sign the STEEP score page!  Please only sign the TOP LINE on this page.  The other line is for later in the year!

**Wednesday we will be OUT OF UNIFORM for a donation!  Any student that makes a donation will be able to come out of uniform, but they must wear Pink or Purple.  This is our annual PINK DAY!  All the money collected will go to the American Cancer Society.

**Be sure to check the website for the most up to date news at St. Rose!

Monday  – PE

Tuesday  – Computer Lab and Music   

Wednesday  – Library

Thursday  – Mass and PE  — This week will have a special visitor to finish up our unit on Animals!  Feel free to join us at 2pm if you would like! 😉  Shhhh!!  🙂

Friday – Art