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Field Trip Information:

Thanks to all of the chaperones that have signed up to go on our upcoming field trip to Apple Works on Tuesday, October 27th.  I have 10 adults signed up to go with us.  Safe & Sacred training certificates and current background checks MUST be on file when we return from fall break in order for chaperones to attend.   I will need the chaperones to be in the atrium no later than 8:15 (children need to be in the room by 8 as usual).   Once we take care of our morning procedures, we will join you.  Hopefully the bus will be here to pick us up no later than 8:30.  We will return to school between 11-11:30 (the children will eat lunch at school, it just might be a little later than usual). Please have the children wear their apple shirts we will be making when we return from fall break.  They can wear jeans or pants with their shirts.  It’s a good idea to send a jacket or sweatshirt with them as well just in case it’s a cold morning.  Please keep an eye on the weather and temperature.  There was one year that we had to wear our winter coats due to early cold temperatures.  We cannot make a rain date so please pray for good weather!

October Goals:

  1. I can recite (not sing) the alphabet.
  2. I can count to 30 by 1’s and 10’s  (Challenge: by 5’s).
  3. I can recite the days of the week in order (Challenge: I can READ the days of the week in random order.).
  4. I know my left and right.
  5. I can make the Sign of the Cross (see handout in Friday folder).
  6. I can say our daily, meal prayer:  Bless us, O Lord, and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

         **If you want your child to do the challenges, please note this in the comment section of the Friday folder if you haven’t already done so or send me a quick e-mail to let me know.  If you are planning on your child doing the challenges, please be sure to work on these at home.   Thank you!**



Vaylen was our STAR student this week!  He was born on October 4, 2009.  He was pretty excited to tell us all about his door the day after his 6th birthday!  Vaylen had lots of pictures on his poster boards; he used red since that is his favorite color.   Vaylen loves his family very much, especially his brother Xavier who is in 1st grade here at St. Rose.  They look like they are BEST BUDDIES!  It’s evident Vaylen looks up to his big brother and that Xavier takes good care of his little brother.  Vaylen started out by telling us about his favorite places.  He said he loves to go to Disney World, The Zoo, the Children’s Museum and the library.  We weren’t surprised to hear that Vaylen loves to go to the library since Ms. Heather knew him by name when she came to read to our class and tell us about getting a library card. 🙂  Vaylen’s favorite book is Pete the Cat.  His favorite movie is Cars and his favorite toy is Marley the dog.  Vaylen loves to eat spaghetti and from the looks of one of his pictures he enjoys corn on the cob too!  He likes to play soccer, ride his bike, read and play music.   Vaylen said he also likes to go swimming at the pool, but sometimes his brother “accidentally” dunks him.  Vaylen has a dog named Zeus and two new kittens named Thunder and Lightning.  He also showed us a picture of a time that he got to pet a baby cheetah.  He said he wanted to take it home, but he wasn’t allowed to.  Vaylen said he likes to shop at Target because he gets a red slushie when he goes there.  I think I might see if I can shopping with Vaylen! 🙂  Thanks for sharing, Vaylen!

Vision Screening Results:

Unless you were notified otherwise during conferences, “your” child passed his/her vision screening on October 7.


As soon as the month of October started, the children were asking me about Halloween. 🙂   We will have a Halloween party on Friday, October 30th  at 1:30.  The children are allowed to bring costumes to change into for the party (optional, not mandatory) Friday afternoon.  We will allow them time to change shortly before the party begins.   Please be sure your child brings his/her costume in a bag and that you put their name on it in case we have any duplicate costumes.  We realize that some of the children may be wearing “make up” with their costumes on Halloween night, but due to the short amount of time we have for our party, we would like to ask that you NOT send make up to school for your child’s costume.   Time does not allow for us to apply make up. The party will be from 1:30-2:30. If you are helping with the party OR would like to come and join us, you may arrive at 1:15.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  This will allow time for “setting up” and for helping get 16 kindergarten students into their costumes! 🙂 As you can imagine, we may need a little help getting the children ready for the party.   If you signed up at “Back To School” night to help with the Halloween party, our room moms, Ms. Edwards or Mrs. Larmour will be giving you a reminder call soon.


*10/12-10/16  Fall Break; Students are NOT allowed to wear shorts once we return from Fall break until after Spring break.

*10/19  School Resumes.  We are still missing a few white shirts for our upcoming field trip.  We are going to start making these on Tuesday.  If you have not yet handed one in, please do so ASAP or let me know if you are in need of one.  I have a few leftover from last year (I can check on the size if need be.).


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*10/20   The following volunteers have offered to come in to help with our apple shirts on Tuesday at 8:15 a.m.:  Mrs. Adams, Ms. Edwards and Mrs. Miller.

*10/21   The following volunteers have offered to come in to help with our apple shirts on Wednesday at 8:15 a.m.:  Mrs. Arnold, Mrs. Kirkendall and Mrs. Larmour.

*Mr. Setnor will be the new P.E teacher (8th grade homeroom & MS Social Studies) when we return from fall break.  We’d like to welcome him to St. Rose!

*The children did NOT check out library books this week due to fall break.

*Please be sure to sign and return your child’s report card ASAP if you haven’t already done so.

*Upcoming STARS:  10/26-10/30  Lilli; 11/2-11/6  Anthony; 11/9-11/13  William; 11/16-11/20  Madalynn; 11/30-12/4 Evey.  (Please note that as of 9/23/15 we are no longer allowed, per Fire Marshal, to put wrapping paper/plastic paper on our classroom door to decorate our STAR OF THE WEEK door. 🙁 Please put any words, pictures, decorations, etc. on a poster board to be attached to the door.  Please use masking tape when putting your child’s posters on the door.  Double sided tape doesn’t always hold.  Sorry for the inconvenience!)

*Students should be practicing their “popcorn words” (sight/high frequency words) at least 2-3 times a week.  Reading the mini sight word readers that the students bring home each week is a good way to practice.  There are a few students that could really use some extra practice.

*Please be sure to go over the papers that come in your child’s Friday folder each week with them so they can see what they are doing well and so they can learn from their mistakes.  Please be sure to practice handwriting at home if need be.

*Please be sure you are checking out the St. Rose website frequently to keep up to date on all that is going on at St. Rose School.


*Thanks to all for attending parent/teacher conferences!  I enjoyed getting a chance to talk with all of you about your children!  I appreciate your continued support!

*Thanks to all who helped with food and snacks for the teachers during parent/teacher conferences.  We truly appreciate it!

*Thanks to Mrs. Arnold for helping out at our vision screening at the last minute!

*Thanks to all who have signed up to attend our upcoming field trip!

*Thanks for the white shirts and thanks in advance  to all who signed up to help us paint apple shirts!

*Thanks for helping your child to have a successful 1st quarter!

*Thanks to Mr. Rounds for all he has done for all of us here at St. Rose School!  We wish him the BEST and will MISS him!

*Thanks to Mr. Boring for the fire hats!

*Thanks for continuing to help with our daily snack!




…winning the Spirit Lion last Friday at Spirit Day.

…”There’s a fire” song.

…some fire safety rules we learned this week (we need 2 ways out of our home, we need a meeting place, if your house is on fire you need to “fall and crawl” to breath the good air, if YOU are on fire you need to STOP, DROP, COVER & ROLL).

…what number we call if there is an emergency (if you do not have a “land line,” does your child know how to use a cell phone in case of a fire?).

…the Living Rosary.

…the activity we did with our 8th grade buddies on Wednesday.

…Golden Honey Bee shopping and how many coins I earned (the most was 6 since we didn’t start collecting coins the 1st couple weeks of school) for September.

…”5 Little Pumpkins” poem.

…our vision screening.


Enjoy fall break!  Hopefully

everyone gets to enjoy some

extra quality time with your family!  I

 know I’m looking forward to doing so! 🙂